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Agile Financial Reporting | One Single Version of the Truth


Group Finance teams face increasing pressure for month end reporting to be delivered in shorter and shorter timescales. Financial numbers must be reliable and survive more thorough scrutiny from increasingly aggressive regulators and stakeholders. Board packs are becoming the size of small novels with Risk, KPI and other data being collated from spreadsheets and diverse systems. The need for a shorter time to close is exacerbated by increasing workload and the need to demonstrate thoroughness and proof of process in how numbers were derived. 

Cloud CFO Management Accounts

Cloud CFO Management Accounts is a cloud based solution with a familiar Excel interface for group consolidation that sits on top of your existing accounting systems. Both flexible and configurable, Cloud CFO Management Accounts can be used for any number of hierarchies to produce familiar Primary Financial Statements to suit your reporting needs. A fast implementation and minimal learning curve allows you to produce reliable numbers quickly without changing any existing accounting or ERP systems.

Cloud Forecaster

Cloud Forecaster links actuals with rules and drivers to forecast for any period, ensuring an unbroken chain from your management accounts.

Clearview Risk & KPI

Clearview is a product containing principal pre-integrated modules solving specific business problems in the management of Risk and KPIs

Financial Risk Management

FRM offers a single version of the truth that unifies Financial and non-Financial data with a contextually intuitive drill down by any time period or dimension.

Cloud CFO Management Accounts

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Cloud CFO Management Accounts

Video walkthrough

00:03 Logging in, receiving and viewing data

00:38 Importing and mapping TBs, budgets and forecasts

01:20 Creating journals and manually updating data

02:15 Validating and syncing data

02:44 Creating local reports and management accounts

03:33 Viewing consolidated group data and audit trail

04:19 Creating group consolidation and exporting reports

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