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Forecasting, especially within group companies, often consists of several stand alone, hand-crafted spreadsheets containing multiple tabs, with complex custom business logic and formulae. 

Cloud Forecaster is a tool that helps businesses predict future sales and demand for specific customers and products. It compares the forecasted results to actual performance to see how accurate the predictions were. The tool is accessible through the cloud, allowing for remote access and collaboration with team members. This tool helps businesses make informed decisions and plan for future growth.

Produce a living forecast

Based on real data as the forecasting period unfolds and benchmark performance against your annual or long term, budgetary forecast

Fully integrated Forecasts

Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss fully integrated with deep drill down capabilities.

Multi layered Permissions & Collaboration

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Custom Formulae
Overheads and expenses can be modelled using a library of proven & trusted prebuilt formulae, and precisely tailored using the library, as a % of sales, % of fixed assets, cost per employee, annually amortised, seasonally amortised & multiple other methods & further refined by adding credit terms, and selecting multiple types of prepayment and accrual calculations.

Multi Currency
Automatically calculate Fx gains and losses, switch reporting currencies instantly.

  • Drill Down – ProForecast allows you to drill down with as detailed a level of granularity as your data will allow. Drill down to see the performance or impact of an individual product on your business, the performance of individual departments, revenue lines, overhead groups, overhead lines or personnel.
  • Automated Reporting Packs– Stakeholders can view both Financial and Non-Financial information to understand how the business is performing, monthly, quarterly and annual stakeholder report packs can be automated.
  • Self Service Dashboards & Reports – Unleash the limited capabilities of your accounting package using our self service dashboards, reports and award winning BI platform.
  • Global and Micro “What If” Forecasting – Make informed business decisions by analysing the effect that a range of situations would have on your business using “What If” scenario planning. Build your assumptions in ProForecast by utilising multiple Global “What If’s” to drive your planning. Add step changes to see how tuning your assumptions with Micro “What If’s” will impact the future of your business or run a Monte Carlo Analysis to see the probability of a particular outcome on Sales & Gross Margin.
  • Consolidations – Produce consolidated reports and forecasts for a corporate group, multi-site business or franchise operation, use the consolidation journal to quickly make intercompany adjustments.
  • Faster Closing – Automate monthly, quarterly and annual closing to minimise costs and time.
  • Outstanding ROI – The system will typically pay for itself in less than a year and achieve a triple digit ROI in the medium term, whilst helping to drive costs down, improve margins and mitigate risk.
  • Data Manipulation – Export and manipulate data with the power of Excel analytics and pivot tables.

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