Cloud CFO

Agile Financial Reporting | One Single Version of the Truth


Group Finance teams face increasing pressure for month end reporting to be delivered in shorter and shorter timescales.
Financial numbers must be reliable and survive more thorough scrutiny from increasingly aggressive regulators and stakeholders.

Board packs are becoming the size of small novels with Risk, KPI and other data being collated from spreadsheets and diverse systems.

The need for a shorter time to close is exacerbated by increasing workload and the need to demonstrate thoroughness and proof of process in how numbers were derived.

Our Solution

Our products are pre-connected, e.g.: Risks defined in one place are then visible in the Reporting process alongside the financial numbers.

Using Excel as the 'front end' to our Cloud Database means Finance are able to tweak the logic of their reports expertly and rapidly.

Power BI is pre-connected to all of our data so assembling flexible reporting dashboards spanning Risk and Financials is fast and simple

Our expert support team are always on hand to help build complex reports, accelerate financial close automation steps and more.

Our Benefits


  • Cost - less FTE time wasted on manual cutting and pasting
  • Time - to Financial Close because of fewer dependencies (waiting for one person to finish working on a required spreadsheet)
  • Risk – more reliable numbers because of the sophisticated cloud database replacing spreadsheet weaknesses
  • Flexibility and agility in the creation of reports means a better financial close faster
  • Adoption by finance teams because the familiar spreadsheet approach works with their BAU processes

Our Product

Cloud CFO is a product containing 3 pre-integrated modules with each one solving a specific business problem in the production of:

  1. Management Accounts
  2. Forecasts
  3. Financial Risk Modelling
Cloud CFO is differentiated by an extreme flexibility that means delivering customised results is a much faster process.  

This speed to final reports happens because the main interface to Cloud CFO is Excel, which of course is familiar to all Finance teams.

This approach makes matters much simpler for our customers; they are very familiar with Excel and therefore already have a foundation with no need to train within a new system.

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